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Day 385 – Monday 11th February – Day 398 – Sunday 24th February

Yet again, a rather uneventful blog update for you guys, can’t apologize as I am enjoying life too much. When I left you, I was on my way to Ranong for the day in order to get myself a new visa, so after a lot of hassle from the millions of people trying to sell you a seat on their boat, plus a lot of pissing about with passports and checkpoints, I did manage to get myself a visa in the end and I now have another 15 days to stay in Thailand. I’m grateful that it’s just a morning’s work to sort out a new visa and it doesn’t cost much, but compared to Koh Chang, all the hustle and bustle of the little port towns on either side of the border was not something I enjoyed. To clear all that up, you leave mainland Thailand for an island officially in Burmese waters, get stamped either side and then you’re free. All in all it cost me about a tenner to sort it, which in visa terms is actually pretty cheap, so I was quite happy. When I got back to the pier after the visa run, I sat and spent some time on the internet, got a bit of food and then headed back home.

On the first Wednesday, my little Spanish chica decided to sail off in to the wind bound for Koh Tao, which was a bit sad as it left me without any companions. Still keeping up the façade I don’t speak French in order to avoid falling into their smelly group. The day after she left was the big Valentine’s bash, something Ter has been banging on about for weeks as his team were competing in the football competition. Unfortunately he got knocked out straight away and due to my lack of motivation, I never actually made it to the village school to check out what was happening.

As per usual I’ve been reading like a complete book worm, and after being in Koh Chang for 6 weeks now, I’ve read around 25 books. If I had to pin one as my favourite, it would have to be American Psycho, I encourage everyone to read that book, it’s bloody brilliant. As I mentioned I’ve been here for 6 weeks, which may sound like a long time, but I put the question to anyone; If you could stay on a beautiful, quiet, cheap island and have some serious alone/meditation time where you can just sit around reading all day, would you really not do it for 6 weeks? Long story short I’m very happy here and in no rush to leave despite having paid my bill (a tab for all my food and accommodation) which wasn’t too fun.

One major piece of news that’s happened in the last 2 weeks is the development of me making my way home! Mum had messaged me a couple times about potentially organizing some sort of holiday in the Philippines around April May. But after thinking it over a bit she decided that maybe it would be wiser to just book me a flight home, then everyone can have the pleasure of seeing me! So sometime in May I will be getting on a flight home, and I can’t bloody wait! As much as I love travelling (hate that verb defining my life now) I miss so many things about home and I just want to go back for a few months, make a bit of money then head off to South America in September and try my luck with some Latin babes. So my plan was to go to Ranong on Monday, get another extension of my visa then go to Bangkok and get an Indian visa so I can spend my last 2 months in Asia visiting the North of India which I so regret missing last time.

So here I’m sitting, having sorted my visa once again, and presumably on my way to getting a bus North to Bangkok. Wrong! On my visa run I met a really nice Canadian woman with kids (won’t go in to side story) who mentioned the difficulty she had getting an Indian visa in Bangkok having to wait 3 weeks, same story for her husband. Now this is not the first time I’ve heard this, or read it on the internet; and visas being the most frustrating part of my life (I’m sure I’ve banged on about it enough by now!) I decided there and then to just go back to Koh Chang for a bit. Ok, so it sounds like the lazy way out, but I have excuses; if the visa does take 3 weeks, I’ll be charged an arm and a leg overstay, the visa is 6 months long and 50 quid and only have 2 months to see India, I’ve been travelling a while now and I want no more passport grief, nor do I want to spend lots of money on last minute flights. And having read a book last night about bad omens and such and how you hold follow your heart, and the fact that I never speak except to this one woman who tells me just before I go to Bangkok how much of a nightmare it is, was enough to just pick my bag back up from the bus station and go back to where I belong.

So there it is, it’s all happened so fast so I don’t have a definite game plan, but maybe Laos and Cambodia, who knows?? Either way Koh Chang is getting no rain and our resort is out of water, so I’ll have to be leaving soon enough anyway. Either way important news is I’ll be coming home in May, get excited people!

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and I was trying to keep it 'under wraps'

the important thing is that you go away again... 1st September 2013 visa expiry date in UK :-) - no renewals, no extensions, nuffink

m xxx

by elizabethzy

Nice to feel wanted Joe isn't it! Good to see you in May and hear the stories first hand. I really think that after all your experiences with the Visa issues; you can set yourself up as an expert and offer a service to those who don't know. Just a thought! Well; see you soon. GM&GD.

by m.hurry

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