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Day 464 – Wednesday 1st May

Got up very late this morning feeling pretty shitty after the big night last night. Started off with some cheap noodles and an ice coffee at the place across the road and then came back to the safety of the room. Then bang on cue a huge storm hit (monsoon is supposed to start around May) definitely one benefit of going home is that I’m missing rainy season, having experienced 2 now (Thailand and Indo) I’ve had well and truly enough of these crazy storms! At least it gave us an excuse to spend the entire afternoon just sitting in the room on our laptops. We did venture out at one point to get a burger and play some pool which also gave us the chance to see a pretty incredible sunset where all the light was bouncing off the clouds and the entire city was yellow, the locals were all pretty dumbfounded by it too. After playing a lot of pool, we came back to the room to spend the night watching a movie and writing the blog.

Day 465 – Thursday 2nd May

After another bad night’s sleep last night, we got up bright and early to go and see M before we leave Chiang Rai later today. So we packed up all our things and jumped in a tuk tuk back to our old stomping grounds of M’s house and the delicious food of his Mum. We spent a good few hours just hanging out there and catching up with both M and Tamara, really good to see them again and for the first time in ages they were both in a good mood and really chatty. Also went to pay for the electricity for the room we were renting last month and get our deposit back, pretty annoying to see that the woman who owns the place was in the middle of tearing the room apart and replacing everything, would’ve been nice had she done that last month for us! We eventually got going from M’s around 1, a good few hours behind schedule, and after stopping off at a few places in town for M to sort some things out, don’t think he was happy about us leaving and he wanted to spend as much time with us as possible, plus Tamara is going to leave with us. So after all his errands we didn’t get to the bus station until 3 and couldn’t get a ticket before the half 5 bus. Still it gave us a chance to hang around and chat to Tamara more, something I really haven’t had a chance to do since this whole relationship between her and M began. Come 5 o’clock, another absolutely insane storm hit and everyone was freaking out as the thunder tore through the air and lightning hit all over the place, actually saw a bolt hit the ground about 3 metres in front of me which was nothing shrot of incredible! Unfortunately it scared the hell out of Tamara and she was in no mood to get on a bus, so M came to pick her up and me and Chris said our goodbyes and got on the bus back to Chiang Mai. Luckily the rain and wind eased up by the time we left and all that remained was a non stop lightning storm on the drive home which is always beautiful to watch. Once we got in to Chiang Mai we first went to the train station to book a ticket on the overnight train tomorrow and then went back to Nocky house, a place I spent 2 weeks at all that time ago. So funny to think I left there just to do a visa run at the start of April and ended up spending a whole month with M in Chiang Rai. Best thing about coming back was getting my hands on my big bag again and all the things that come with it, most importantly fresh clothes and a towel, so first stop was the shower and a much needed shave with my clippers. After that we headed out to get a burger at this really tasty American diner place, I seem to have western food on my mind all the time as I’m so close to being back in England now. After that it was back to the usual drill of a bottle of whiskey and a night out, just trying to get my fix of Asian nightlife before the dreaded flight home! Ended up having a really good night with Sonja (a girl we met in Chiang Rai a couple of weeks ago) and Chris in a reggae bar and then after that a trashy club. Met a beautiful, really interesting girl from London of all places and spent the night hanging out with her, didn’t get to bed until about 7 in the morning, yet another late night!

Day 466 – Friday 3rd May

Started off the day with a bit of a falling out with Nout (the hotel owner) as we had a bit of a fiasco with the rooms last night with all of us getting back late and separate times (and with girls) and so Chris was forced to spend a couple of hours in a different room before being kicked out bright and early, and yet she still wanted to charge us full price. Either way we all had a good night last night, and an extra 3 quid out of pocket is nothing to worry about. After that Sonja went to get all her things from her old guest house as she’s decided to come down with us to Bangkok later which is really good news as she’s really easy going and just a bloody nice girl. Me and Chris then had 2 servings of fried pork with garlic and sticky rice at the place next door, ate here every day for 2 weeks straight last as it’s fucking delicious. Dropped off some books at a book shop and then packed up all our stuff and got ready to go on our long journey back to the capital, just desperately hoping it’s not as boiling as it is here in Chiang Mai! Noi popped round just before we left to say goodbye and then we left just before 5 first stopping off at 711 to get stocked up on some drinks for the journey. Made it to the train station with seconds to spare and so began my last long journey (17 hours) here in Asia. I must’ve spent about a month in total on transport since I left which is just such a crazy thought! Anyway, the train journey was really fun, the 3 of us get on so well and a bottle of whiskey always helps to pass the time, we also managed to get a bit of sleep (Chris on the floor) so all in all it was a pretty decent journey in 3rd class.

Day 467 – Saturday 4th May

The train didn’t make it in until about 11 this morning, only 3 hours late (which is technically early!), first things first we went out to get some food and see if Bangkok was just as hot as Chiang Mai, it is! After that we hopped on the sky train and went back to my old Bangkok stomping grounds of Nana, must’ve stayed in this area like 4 or 5 times now and it feels like I’m back home, at this point in time it feels more like my home than England probably. After all of us had much needed showers, we put on the TV and sat relaxing in our air conditioned room and then had a 4 hour nap. Once we did get up it was already around 7 in the evening and we have plans for tonight, so we got some food and then started to get ready for what is to be our last night out before I go home. We went out around 9 to meet up Will who is one of Chris’ mates from secondary school who went off travelling and has now settled down with a wife and job in Bangkok (sure I won’t be too far behind). Good to chat to him as he’s definitely succeeded in living the dream and he’s still a proper northerner, as were his mates, which is always funny. We spent a good few hours just sitting in this bar with the football on in the background, all chatting the night away and knocking back drink after drink. Once we were satisfied with the level of alcohol we drank we went out to a club, first stopping off at our hotel as we needed to put shoes on to be let in to the place. Had an absolutely mental night overall, they really take the clubbing seriously out here and the whole of Bangkok seemed to be out enjoying it with us. Potentially one of the best nights out I’ve had away, and certainly the best music I’ve had on a night out, a perfect way to sign off what has been a pretty insane time in my life! Got back to the hotel far too late after a compulsory stop at mcdonald’s at 5 in the morning, Bangkok definitely has its bonuses.

Day 468 – Sunday 5th May

Couldn’t sleep yet again last night, I’ve just got far far too much on my mind at the moment, really can’t wrap my head around the whole concept of being back in England and just how different the culture is in the West, it’s terrifying! Plus there was an absolutely insane storm which sounded like the whole building was going to collapse, if the last 4 days are anything to go by this year will be a pretty bad monsoon season. Sonja went off to Bangkok’s famous weekend market when she got up but me and Chris were far too lazy to do something that proactive on a Sunday morning. Instead we just hung around together all afternoon, really gonna miss Chris the last month we’ve had has been fucking amazing like probably one of the best I’ve had in the whole time I’ve been away, and he’s just a fucking legend who seems to just get my crazy mind. Anyway yeah we just hung out, got some food and mainly sat in the room with the beautiful AC to keep cool. Sonja didn’t make it back until around 5, girls just can’t seem to stop when shopping is involved! And after all getting ready we were off out once again for a quiet night at skybar, Bangkok’s most famous rooftop bar at 55 floors right in the middle of the city with some of the most amazing views. Plus it was happy hour so despite the drinks being a complete rip off they were well worth it given the incredible views we had and we got one free! Really fucking special time just sitting up there in that bar looking out over Bangkok just jazzing ourselves at how our lives have got to this point, me having been doing this for so long and now on my way home and Chris completely new to it all and just in complete awe of it all. Can’t really put it all in to words but yeah it was a good night and we all really appreciated it in our own ways, safe to say it’s making me want to go home even less! After we were done there we couldn’t call it a night as it had started too well and so we went to a bar and did what we do best for a couple hours whilst watching the United game somewhat distracted by how much I’m gonna miss Chris and Sonja and my whole life in general. I’ve actually made it, this is my last fucking night, what the hell is going on!!! As it was a Sunday, when we left there; there weren’t too many options on where we could go out for the night, but a friendly cabbie took us to this dive club which was completely empty. Still the 3 of us pissed was enough company and we tore up the dance floor and slowly slowly got more and more people to join in. Just had such a good laugh as we literally always do when we’re together and danced the night away. Hate to talk about women on a public site but I can’t hold my mouth and let’s just say both me and Chris had a good night tonight, and I was with a beautiful local girl just to put the cherry on top of the icing of what has been a fucking amazing 16 months or so! Going to miss Thailand like fucking crazy!!

Day 469 – Monday 6th May

Up all night last night as I didn’t get to bed until around 5 and the alarm was set for 6 so I decided to just power through. When the alarm did go I had my shower, packed my bag, said my goodbyes and got in a cab with Chris to the airport. Don’t really want to write too much about this last day, I was in a terrible state having not slept or not been hungover for a couple of weeks now plus I had no desire to go home and yeah it wasn’t a very fun day whatsoever. Had to fly from Bangkok to Singapore to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to London, where I arrived on Tuesday morning to find my parents and sister. And there we have it I was back in the West and everything seems completely upside down!

I want to give a detailed account on how I feel about England as a whole but it’s pretty much impossible to put in to words as I have to assume that those I’m writing to won’t have the experiences I’ve had in Asia and therefore might not get all the little things I’m talking about. But the easiest way for me to put it in to words is that within 24 hours of being back I would’ve gladly got on a flight straight back out there, and now having been back for almost a week my view has not changed whatsoever. I find life far too…unsatisfying I guess and just not right for me, plus I really can’t get my head around the whole culture here, I’ve definitely been brainwashed by the Chinese to fucking love that place (and every other country I’ve been to) and I want to be straight back out there living the bloody dream. So give me a couple of months, if I can get my thoughts straight I will try an upload a long detailed account of what I miss about the East and what I don’t understand about the West but I can’t promise anything, and I’ll be back out around August most likely. Thanks to everyone for reading the blog, and watch this space as it should be back up and running soon but while I’m home I won’t be updating it on a weekly basis anymore as life here is just NOT interesting enough to write about!

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it's sad you're unhappy
don't wait too long - the west will really get you down
go back soon and make the dream your life

but remember, some of us do love it here

by elizabethzy

Really great speaking again with you Joe and enjoyed hearing about your views on everything. Nothing like learning about life by experiencing it as you have done. Your feelings at present merely reflect your frustrations with this stupid world. It's a tiny part of growing up but unfortunately it never goes away. But try to never look back in anger. See you again soon. GD.

by m.hurry

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