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Day 13 - Sunday 5th February
Found out that the whole Goa closing at 11pm thing is only happening for a month, while there are elections, I just got unlucky that that was the month I am here. Just watched the United Chelsea game (3-3). What a match! Well deserved draw. The day was very much the same as usual, so not much to say there. Gonna try and cut my hair tomorrow, unfortunately I don't have a mirror in my coco hut so we'll have to see how that one goes.

Day 14
2 weeks down already, this is flying by. Feel like I could be here forever, I could easily live in Palolem, and it's only the first stop, so it's only going to get better from here, quite excited about seeing the rest of India as I'm only hearing good things. Did manage to cut my hair today, but as I don't have a mirror I have no idea what the damage is, it feels alright though. I think I've decided what my travel movements are going to be. From here, go to Hampi on the 14th for 4 or 5 days, then after that go right down to Kerala and stay at a national wildlife reserve for a week, then that leaves me a couple of days to get over to Chennai for my flight to the Andaman islands.

Day 15
Just sitting in my hamock on the porch of my coco hut, bought it today for the equivalent of 2 pounds and boy is it feeling well spent. Such a good way to end a relatively stressful day today. Got woken up today by one of the staff banging on my door with a call from DHL saying my parcel (a debit card I had to get sent from England) was in Margao (2 hours north of here) and it wasn't going any further for no other reason than they couldn't be bothered. So I spent the day on buses to Margao and back on a 4 and a half hour round trip, including a 30 minute walk from the bus station bare foot as my flip flops broke earlier. I did manage to get my parcel, and arriving back in this place really makes you forget about the stress of the day I just had. Apart from that, I've heard Hampi is ridiculously hot at the monent, so I'm kind of wary of going there, but I'm definately going. Have to try and sort out a train ticket in the next couple days.

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Same Same


Day 10 - Thursday 2nd February
another day of bliss, not too much more to add. Spent the afternoon waiting to ride the big waves, wipeout! But seriously, sounds like I'm being really boring and not doing much, but you get in that beach mindframe and there's really nothing much you can even think of doing. Still meeting lots of different people every night and having a nice chilled out time.

Day 11
The heat in the morning is crazy, keep waking up not able to do anything cos it gets so hot in my hut! No waves today, made the sea quite boring. Seem to be very few people my age here, and most people are couples, not so bad but would be better to see some more lone travellers like pretty much everyone in Mumbai.

Day 12
The German couple who I've been seeing most days left today, I should bump into them in Mumbai though, seems to be the norm that you keep meeting people you've met somewhere else, I guess everyone is travelling the same route. Spent the day sunbathing, then went to watch the Arsenal game and after the QPR game. Crazy that even in this place, which is torn down half the year in monsoon time, you still manage to see every premier league game in HD in pretty much all the bars. Makes you feel at home, except the fact that it's bloody warm here, and not snowy!

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Palolem, continued.

Lazy days...

36 °C

day 7, Monday 30th jan
1 week down, gone very quickly. Decided to venture down to the sea for the first time, not beautiful but very refreshing. Finally put the blog up today, got some really good feedback on it so I will definately keep that going.

Day 8
keep getting woken up by theses dam crows that sit on my roof every morning, they're everywhere, weird. Went on a walk to Chaudi (the nearest form of civilization) to get money out, too much exercise so got a rickshaw back. Finally booked my flight to the Andaman islands, going to be going on the 29th feb.

Day 9

It's getting hotter everyday, today felt super warm and it's gonna keep going up throughout February. As I was having breakfast, this english couple from my hostel in mumbai happened to walk past, caught up with them then spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing and swimming.

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Palolem (South Goa)

Beautiful place!

sunny 35 °C

Day 4 - Arrived here off the coach at 2 in the afternoon after leaving my last hostel at 6pm the previous day. Staying at a place called 'Dylan's' A family run place laid out in loads of separate shacks where you get your own little hut with a toilet and double bed seconds from the sea. Absolutely awesome. Palolem itself is also a beautiful place.

Day 5 - Spent the day relaxing on the beach reading eating some really nice food, and just chilling out getting in to the Palolem vibe. Most people seem to stay here for months at a time because they can't draw themselves away, I completely understand why. Watched the United match, bloody awful.

Day 6 - Same as yesterday, just spent the last 6 hours watching the Djokovic Nadal final, one of the greatest games of tennis that I've seen. A new law got passsed in Goa recently which means that everything must close by 11, which restricts the night life, but it's fine as I'm usually knackered from lounging on the beach all day!

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South Mumbai (Colaba)

sunny 31 °C

Day 1 - Arrived only to find the hostel I wanted, the salvation army, was full stayed at hotel delight, another cheap hostel down the road with spare beds luckily. Not really a big fan of Mumbai so far.
Day 2- Dito to day 1 really, not loving this place, spent the day meeting people in the hostel, nowhere that sounds particularly interesting that I want to see, seems to be the general concensus as well. Booked a ticket to Goa to get outta here!
Day 3 - Independence day I think it was, streets full of people partying and playing cricket, not a bad atmosphere. My bus to Goa was cancelled so I luckily got put on to another one. Took 15 hours to get to goa, then another 2 to get to Palolem, South Goa, where I'm staying.

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